Church Features

Eardisland Church - chancel screen

The chancel screen is partly dated from the fourteenth century and has been moved several times with the addition of panels to its current placement in 1999.

Eardisland Church - font
Eardisland Church - font

The font was commissioned in 1850 and it has moved its position from near the pulpit to the rear of the church and a new wooden cover was added in 1931.

Eardisland Church - tie beam

A tie- beam is situated above the entrance to the bell tower which is believed to date from the fifteenth century.

Eardisland Church - stained glass
Eardisland Church - stained glass

There are wonderful stained and painted glass windows over the altar and on the south wall, commemorating various significant families with links to the village and to Burton Court, a mediaeval manor house.

Eardisland Church - tomb

There are ancient tombs, including this one from 1740. Some others date as far back as 1369.

Eardisland Church - clowes memorial

The modern memorials relate to members of the Clowes family of Burton Court and their sacrifices in the First World War.